26 juillet 2010

Once upon a time there was Synaesthesia


Have you ever wondered like me, what a Spa in Alice in Wonderland would look like or feel like ?

Well I think i've got the answer. The Lush Spa on King's Road in London answers to that image really.

The Spa offers 2 treatments, the Synaesthesia and the Facial Validation.Yours truly had the pleasure of testing the first treatment and since you asked kindly, I will to tell you all about it.Lush invites you to a charming and cozy british cottage kitchen, with wood chairs,table, bowls of seasonal fruits, tea cups everywhere.


Synaesthesia is the process used by perfumers to blend all the fragrances (in our case the essential oils) and trigger a response from your mind, or how a smell can remind us of a past experience or feeling for instance. There are 11 variations of this massage. The first thing I was asked to do is to look at a black wall where 11 words have been written on, and choose one of the words that expressed what I wanted to achieve as a state of mind, or what I needed the most.


I chose « confidence », a secret blend of essential oils kept in a 100% natural massage bar that will be used on me during the treatment. The next step was to choose between lots of colored bottles with different name tags around them. Smelling what's inside is forbidden, you're choosing what comes first to mind,a color or a word, it's the gut instinct speaking so to speak. I chose a small green bottle « absolutely determined ».

The insides of my bottle are sprinkled on dry ice wich makes it bubble like some kind of cauldron brew. Then you strip up to your undies and they » hide you under fluffy towels », and the magic begins.

1h20 of pure bliss, I must say I'm a very anxious person who finds it extremely difficult to let go, but this worked beautifully. The music (a mix of violins, traditional songs, bird singing), the smells, the massage, the hot and cold stones they use as well, the color, all these combined really works and sends you to another world, to your own private world.

And then, when all this is over, you have 30 mns all to yourself, there's a shower provided if you need, and a tea is offered to be enjoyed in the kitchen or if weather permits in the hidden garden.

A perfect experience for a perfect day...


The price of this luxury treatment is 125£, wich in my opinion is worth every penny, even though I am rather difficult in these matters. The other treatment, the « Validation Facial » is 75£. Soon to be experienced hopefully.



Lush Spas in the UK:

123 Kings Road, London, SW3 4PL / 31 Commercial Street, Leeds, LS1 5AD / 29 High Street, Poole, BH15 1AB / 27 Market Place, Kingston, KT1 1JH

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Commentaires sur Once upon a time there was Synaesthesia

    what a beautifully written article! the way you describe the synaesthesia really brings my imagination to life. it almost felt like i was there having the treatment again. i wish i could have one right now! you really do have a gift Julie...you would make a fantastic creative writer xxx

    Posté par Gracie, 26 juillet 2010 à 23:41 | | Répondre
  • wooh you make me blush thanks for the compliment, I try to do my best!

    Posté par Shealiny, 27 juillet 2010 à 00:15 | | Répondre
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