05 juillet 2010


When i first arrived in London, among a few things, I discovered a more than charming street, in a charming area with lovely shops.

A lot of « charming » in the same phrase but it is indeed true. Kensington church Walk is situated between Holland Street and Kensington High Street. It's a really nice walk, following the walls of St Mary Abbott's church, hiding a cute park where children, mummys,local workers and lovers come to rest, have a bite and others.

There are also a few shops (very posh indeed but worth a visit for some), definitely very english, and it's one of us I am talking about now.


Garnet is a jewelry shop, and what a wonderful one. It is very small, but the « décor » is really amazing, and done with lots of taste. The owner , Shirley, is just a charming woman, very helpful, warm and chatty. The choice of jewelry is exquisite, you can find everything from glass to real gems, sterling silver, gold, a beautiful choice of Victorian jewelry, and some other wonders, I remember spotting a super glamorous pair of authentic Chanel earrings for instance.


Of course, all this has a price, but I must say the range of prices is really good, there's something for everyone. For my kind of budget, wich is more modest I must say, Shirley has often something called « the 10£ table » (well that's how I call it anyway). It's some kind of sale that take place quite often, and i found really nice objects there. A beautiful blue glass bead bracelet, and an adorable small victorian box (genuine victorian area, that satisfies my obsession with this period of time).


I strongly recommend this shop to anyone, and so easy to find so close to High Street Kensingon and all the other high street shops.


Kensington Church Walk


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  • The shop sounds amazing, you must take me some time we need a day of shopping and sight-seeing together, and coffee drinking and ice cream and crepe eating!! Actually, we need at least one day a week with eachother out of work You're amazing and I miss you when I don't see you daily! Your energy is so calming but you also fill me with inspiration and hope.
    I am currently reading about reflexology and massage techniques to practice on you to help that funny feeling in your tummy.
    Love you lots xxxxxxxx

    Posté par Gracie, 12 juillet 2010 à 20:33 | | Répondre
  • love you lots too sweet Gracie!!

    Posté par Shealiny, 26 juillet 2010 à 22:41 | | Répondre
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